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OTC Trading Desk

CoinBarters offers OTC Trading Desk for the cryptocurrency market. Peer to peer trading on CoinBarters is supported by sophisticated technology and topnotch risk management and gives traders access to competitive and fair prices.

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Why Choose CoinBarters?

At the core of our OTC Desk is a powerful, mature, and scalable matching engine for institutional trading.

We offer consistency

Our matching engine provides a reliable access to institutional liquidity pools.

We give access to competitive prices.

We give access to competitive prices. Institutions and brokers have access to an array of tools so they can trade at the best price.

We are counterparty oriented.

Institutions can take advantage of real-time monitoring and integrated clearing at the OTC Desk.

24/7 Custom Support

The community can connect with us 24/7 via our social media channels, Help Desk, and Contact Us page.

Top-Level Security

We have established multi-level security system to ensure that our members at the Exchange are protected.

Community Driven

Your feedback is appreciated as we continuously improve our product, the Exchange.